My name is David T. Egli, and I am an experienced probate and estate planning attorney serving businesses and individuals in Riverside, CA. Probate and estate planning will secure your dreams for a better future. An estate plan contains:

  • a living trust
  • a will
  • a power of attorney for asset management
  • a health care directive

A living trust will guarantee that your assets do not have to be probated. You transfer your assets to a trust so that there is nothing for the state to probate when you pass away.

You can also have a will where you appoint guardians for your children and an executor, who will carry out final tasks, such as notifying banks and government of your matters, upon your death. If assets are left out of your trust while you are alive, a pour-over will ensure that those assets go into your trust and are distributed according to your wishes.

It is crucial to the future of those you love that you plan ahead to avoid expense and heartache. It is my combination of 28 years of legal experience and knowledge of estate planning and probate law that allows me to create the most effective and specifically tailored estate plan to meet your needs. I can see the potential issues that you may face in the future, and I know how to build a plan to sidestep the probate process and ensure your wishes are carried out exactly as you desire.

Each state has its own set of laws, so it’s important to work with an experienced attorney to ensure all goes the way you want. I have the experience to assist you with your distinctive family and financial situations. I can guarantee that your loved ones will be thankful that you made plans for a better future for them.

If preserving your hard-earned assets and ensuring the sustained security of your loved ones is important to you, then I urge you to contact me at the Law Office Of David T. Egli in Riverside, CA, today to find out how I can ensure that your dreams become reality through professional probate and estate planning.