Do you owe back taxes? Let the Riverside Law Office Of David T. Egli help. I can minimize the amount you owe and renegotiate terms of payment, dealing directly with the IRS to resolve tax issues on your behalf.

As a taxpayer, you may not know the technical procedures involved in handling your tax problem and facing the IRS or State of California alone. As an experienced tax resolution attorney, I know what to file, how to file it, and what deadlines must be adhered to, so I can get you the best possible outcome. So, unless you know the legal process inside and out, don’t try to negotiate with the IRS or the State through this confusing process alone. Let me help you.

The Law Office Of David T. Egli in Riverside, CA, provides tax resolution services with expertise and experience in federal and state tax, and tax-related issues.

Some of the services that I can take advantage of for you include:

• Tax Settlements
• Offer In Compromise
• Wage Garnishment Release
• Tax Lien Release
• File Back Taxes
• Tax Penalty Abatement
• IRS Levy Release
• Payroll Tax Resolution
• Tax Relief
• Tax Planning
• Tax Audit Defense

Ask yourself these questions:

• Do you want to keep your business?
• Do you want to keep your home?
• Do you have unfiled tax returns?
• Has your bank account has been levied?
• Has your paycheck has been levied?
• Do you owe back payroll taxes?
• Are you unable to pay your taxes?
• Have you have been contacted by the IRS or the State of California?
• Have you been, or are you to be audited by the IRS or the State of California?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you need help from an experienced tax resolution attorney. I am here to solve your IRS and State tax problems by providing relief and returning you to the freedom you once thought was impossible to regain!

Contact me for a consultation or with any questions about my services today. The Law Office Of David T. Egli is here to handle all of your tax resolution matters.